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For International Students

Not a student?

What's Xpress French?

A place international students can share 

 knowledge, experience and passions in three  areas (professional, daily life and socialising).  Supported by  CJC who will provide some free professional support off and online such as;  FREE webinars on CAF, EDF, opening a banking account and live seminars, how to structure a French style CV and cover-letter, etc. 

Recent months have been a challenge for all of us. We'd like to help students feeling alone, lack French language skills to deal with day to day issues and help support their professional conquest!


Members choose 3 months, 6 months  or 1 year all access! 

You'll get a link within 24 hours after joining!

Why should you join? 

1. Professional Support

 - CV (resume) tips 

- paid and unpaid work opportunities

- French work culture

- interview 

2. Living the French life! 

- finding an apartment/apartment sharing

- dealing with landlords/roommates

- mobile /WIFI networks

- extending your Visa

- immigration

3. Socialising & Networking Opportunities

- discounts, discounts, discounts

- great food & great savings

- drink specials

- language exchanges

- dating 

- sports

- museums

- cafes

Your gateway to 

- Exchange with other students & French allies

- Networking professional & personal interest

- Excursions

- tips & advice

- CV (resume) structure 

- French Vocabulary  & phrases for professionals

- learn where to shop, eat and shop on a budget

- real student life experiences 

- Paris & other cities neighbourhood description

- The HELP Wanted English sources

- Resource list Bookstores, blogs, shopping, ...

Ateliers (workshops/seminars free & paid)

- Employment/Internship

- Professional Grammar & Vocabulary  

- Mock interviews (G&A)

- French CV and cover letter workshop

- A workshop on CAF, banking, EDF, etc. 

- seminar on translating skills and competences

- Plus...


Build a resource.  - CONTRIBUTE

We would like your help! 

- Contribute a list of Do's & Don'ts

- Places to shop, Read, Favourite excursions, etc.

 send to


Xpress French Club is an international student and allies group that support and help each other. CJC cannot be held responsible for any information, interaction and advice from any post or comments on the membership page or any problems, issues positive or negative outcomes from meeting others. Our contribution is to be a resource where international students and French allies can share the joys and pains of studying and living in France. A views are personal opinions as we are not lawyers or do we claim to represent government, legal or political offices.

 Xpress French MEMBERSHIP



Xpress 3
3 Months

- Total  access  for 3 months
(Recieve within 24 hours)

Xpress 6
6 Months

- Total Access for 6 months

(Recieve within 24 hours)

Xpress 1
1 Year

- Total access for 1 year

- + Bonus page

(Recieve within 24 hours)

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